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Power Probe

Power Probe PPDRAW Parasitic Drain Monitor

Power Probe PPDRAW Parasitic Drain Monitor

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Welcome to use our company's Draw Monitor product. This product is designed for use in monitoring car battery voltage, leakage current, and serving as a backup power supply when replacing the battery. The product is connected to the car's OBDII interface via an OBDII connection cable to supply 12V power to the car and monitor the car system's leakage current for diagnosing various faults. It can also serve as a backup power supply for the car during battery replacement, preventing the car's mainboard from losing power and data. Draw Monitor can also monitor battery voltage through the OBDII port. Please read this manual carefully before using the product.



  • Capable of delivering up to 10 amps continuous current thru Smart battery output
  • View and record data via Bluetooth on Power Probe Link App
  • USB-C Rechargable High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery and TFT Multi color display
  • Adjustable Current Output Alarm & Adjustable Auto Power Off setting
  • A simple connection through the OBDII port allows techs to monitor parasitic draw
  • Graphing mode for displaying voltage and Amperage as a wave form
  • Serves as a memory saver during battery replacement
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